Chad Lepak

This has to be the best dating referral experience that I’ve ever had. I’ve used quite a few dating sites and referral companies. This one has been my best fit and i feel i finally met someone who has been wanting the same thing I did. I love all of the staff I’ve encountered but the ones that have stood out the most are the ladies that I initially met with. Sarah took the time and consideration to sit down and thoroughly go through what i had been through and what i was looking for. There’s no magical wand that you wave and, “poof”, the person of your dreams appears. I attended a few events that Priscilla held and met a couple of women. All great women but like Sarah said, love takes time and patience if you want the real thing. I’ve been patient and trusted them, and now i believe I’ve found the woman I’ve been looking. I appreciate all of the effort that has been put in to me meeting with the right people, and thank you to Mrs. Sarah and the sweet Priscilla. My favorites.

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