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About Us

Singles in Fort Worth…welcome!

About Us - The Fort Worth Dating CompanyLove is made up of the little things: intimate touches, looks, gestures, inside jokes. It’s personal and direct. Shouldn’t the way you find love reflect that as well? So many online dating sites and apps overlook intimacy for immediacy. In a dating world of “swiping right or left” we’ve forgotten what it’s like to learn about someone from top to bottom. There’s more to it than a dated profile picture or listing favorite genre of movies. There should be a person behind the profile.

Dating experience  then it’s time to discover the premier dating service, The Fort Worth Dating Company. This is more than an online dating service, it’s a real, trusted company located right here in Fort Worth which features an exclusive, turn-key dating service to connect you with compatible, compassionate suitors. Our members are local and are looking for real, committed relationships.

We offer tailored services to fit your interests and help you find the best possible match, in every area of your life. We care about you as a person, not just a number or a “username”. We offer a full-range of in-house capabilities designed to help you find your special someone. Trust is a key component in any relationship, which is why we go above and beyond in our screening process to filter only the most qualified candidates with thorough background checks. Our screening process also covers financials, stability, employment, and marital status. This means you not only avoid scams both online and offline, but also you are presented with only the most suitable matches.

Our mission at The Fort Worth Dating Company is to improve the lives for quality Fort Worth area single adults by providing a secure dating atmosphere featuring a dynamic array of services, passionately delivered by all team members.

While the search for your mate is paramount, so is getting to know you! Finding out your likes and dislikes, dreams, and aspirations helps us know you better as a person, and assist in matchmaking you with your potential soul mate. Once matched, there are a variety of ways you can get to know your candidates through our services. Chat over cocktails at one of our privately hosted functions – or create chemistry by chatting on our online site. We can also be your date planner, just ask us to set up your first, second, or third dates with fun and spunky ideas! We hope this gives you the picture of The Fort Worth Dating Company as more than just a dating site, we are a complete package here to cater to your dating needs in this fast-paced 21st-century dating age.

Take a few minutes of your day and browse our site, there’s plenty to see and learn. Become familiar with our mission and find out how we can help you stop wasting time in your dating life, so you can focus on what really matters to you. See if you qualify today as a member of The Fort Worth Dating Company by calling us at (817) 618-7710 or sign-up online where one of our many associates will respond in a prompt and friendly manner, setting you up on your love-filled future.