Single Man on Finding Love Again

THE FORT WORTH DATING COMPANYDear Eloisa: I’m a widower – five years now. When my wife passed away I was beside myself. I couldn’t face living anymore, and I let things go. My house, my car, my job, even and especially myself. Little by little I began to feel like being part of the world again, except now I think it might be too late. I’m 61 years old, and I’m afraid since I have been out of it for so long that I don’t really know how to “get back into it,” if that makes sense. I actually feel like maybe even meeting someone, someone special to share life’s quieter and sweeter moments with. But the problem is I have no idea how to do this, and no clue as to whether or not any single woman would have me. I appreciate any insight you might have…


Carl – Fort Worth, TX

Dear Carl: Your situation is not an uncommon one, so don’t feel bad. Many have experienced the type of loss with which you have dealt, and many eventually do find that inner spirit and desire to return to dating, romance and love again. You say you “have let things go.” So pick them back up! Overhaul your house, clean up that car, remake your life.

We all need a fresh start now and again, and it sounds like it is about time for yours. So meeting someone and dating in your sixties…how in the world do you go about doing this? There are so many vibrant, attractive and energetic sixty-year old women out there who I am sure would love to meet you. Trust me, there is that ideal match out there for everyone regardless of how old you think you are.

I would not recommend a random dating site. Even though online date services seem hot…they are definitely not. Just think about sifting through hundreds of tiny little pictures, pictures that could be fake or that really give you no clear vision of who a single woman really is. You want to do it right, start with The Fort Worth Dating Company. They are based in the Fort Worth area and therefore are focused solely on singles in North Central Texas. You’re not driving halfway across the country to meet someone you know only from a poor quality picture. Writing in is a great start! Now take that next step and I guarantee with each successive step it will get a little easier.

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