40's Dating

40+ Singles and Dating

Dating in Your 40’s… Never a Better Time? We’re going on the record with this: Your 40’s will be a time of unexpected romance and excitement with your love life!  We know this to be true because The Fort Worth Dating Company is one of America’s most trusted and successful hosted matchmaking services for men[…]

50's Dating

50+ Singles and Mature Dating

Dating in Your 50’s… Is It Legal to Have This Much Fun?!? If you have any trepidation about dating in your 50’s just remember this one mantra, Age is just a number! You are never too old for flirting your way towards romance.  Dating in your 50’s – Here’s what’s in it for you! Nothing’s[…]

Senior Dating

Senior Friendly Dating

  Dating in Your Senior Years… the Best Is Yet to Come! Who said life ends in your 60’s? Someone who spoke too soon probably. There is plenty to learn and find in your senior years. Love can, and should, be one of them. We place a high premium on love being timeless, meaning the[…]

Local Dating Near You

Local Dating Near You

Local Hosted Dating Events that Introduce You to Special People Once you find a compatible mate from our large selection of members the next step is simple, just go out and do something! We understand sometimes you might need tips, which we can provide on a plethora of different activities. Happy hours TCU and Minor[…]

Speed Dating

Speed Dating Events For All Ages

The Fort Worth Dating Company Special Dating Programs: Speed Dating and Singles Travel We separate ourselves from other dating websites because we are more than just a dating website. We go beyond the same old singles mixers and cheesy events to bring you a full-service company that works for you. We actually care about your[…]

Singles Events and Singles Travel

Singles Events and Singles Travel

The Fort Worth Dating Company Singles Travel Events: Romance on the Road! We also like to shake things up for our members with our singles travel events, which take the dating game on the road: Dating cruises Vegas excursions Trips to Mexico Local casino nights Outdoors and adventure locations You focus on fun, adventure, and[…]